For the past two-plus years, Silverspace Inc is a tech employment firm connecting candidates and clients, facilitating access to job opportunities and the right talent.


806 Green Valley Rd Suite 200, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States



  • Silverspace Inc places a high value on finding and retaining the right talent for organizational success. Our comprehensive services offer clients a well-rounded approach to recruiting, selecting, and training the best candidates for their organization.
  • Our team of experts, with their extensive experience and networks, are equipped to help clients find the perfect candidates. The detailed job descriptions, advertising, and rigorous candidate screenings and interviews ensure that clients are presented with the most qualified and suitable candidates for their positions.
  • In addition to finding the right candidates, Silverspace Inc also offers training and development programs to help existing candidate’s enhance their skills and improve their performance. This commitment to continuous improvement and employee development is essential to building a strong, productive workforce.
  • Our specialization in data analysis and operations, business analysis, data science, artificial intelligence positions, and more provides clients with specialized expertise in areas that are increasingly critical to business success in today’s market.
  • Overall, Silverspace Inc’s commitment to delivering exceptional solutions that meet the unique needs of your clients has the potential to make a significant difference in their organizational success. By finding and retaining the right talent, businesses can achieve their objectives and thrive in their respective industries.