For the past two-plus years, Silverspace Inc is a tech employment firm connecting candidates and clients, facilitating access to job opportunities and the right talent.


806 Green Valley Rd Suite 200, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States


Career Guidance

SilverSpace Inc prides itself and our team of experts on career guidance to candidates in multiple domains which include STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Green card, US citizens forms of EAD holders. As a business, we specialize in serving as a partner for all of our client’s employment needs. By interviewing candidates to determine if they are a good fit, we take on the role of our customers.

Candidates often don’t highlight their full potential on their resumes, and this is where Silverspace comes in. Before submitting resumes, we conduct thorough interviews to ensure that our clients receive the best candidates. Our expertise is relied upon by our clients, who frequently hire our experts to find talented profiles and select the best fit for their organizations.

As for our services, we are familiar with their technical jargon and can explain our clients’ technical needs. Silverspace is considered a confidant, coach, mentor, and agent by the candidates we place.

Our STEM services positively impact the lives of candidates. We are a business that intentionally stands out in the digital environment, operating as a STEM employment firm.

Silverspace Inc offers the following services to our candidates:

  1. Employment by Direct Hire
  2. Direct hire and temporary employment
  3. Contracting out a job

By offering customized solutions, we are able to cater to the clients, whether require short-term or long-term employment support. Our goal is to match the right candidate with each job, ensuring that both the client and candidate are satisfied with the outcome. This approach can provide a number of benefits to clients, including increased flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to quickly fill employment gaps with qualified candidates. 

Career Guidance Roles: