For the past two-plus years, Silverspace Inc is a tech employment firm connecting candidates and clients, facilitating access to job opportunities and the right talent.


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Silverspace Inc provides exceptional customer service with a customized bundle for open roles, including a broad selection of research and assistance packages. We accommodate and streamline the procedure for clients by offering specialized services developed by our personnel team. Our agency understands the range in pay, perks, and experience for each sector and job, making sure to provide personalized and effective solutions to each client’s needs. Overall, our dedication to providing exceptional customer service sets us apart from other job hunting firms.

Contingency Planning

Contingency searches are a popular option for filling low- to mid-level roles with ability. Silverspace Inc offers this service to clients who want to save money while still hiring professionals. Our team of professional work diligently to understand our client’s objectives and requirements and deliver efficient results by filling open positions with competent candidates.

Retainer Search

For our clients needing to fill high-level to executive-level positions across all positions, we have created the Retainer Search. To guarantee that we supply top personnel, our dedicated hiring team goes beyond the norm to find the best individuals utilizing our database and recommendations. We have a reputation for doing far more thorough screenings that lead to successful placements.

Container Lookup

Because it combines elements of both contingency and retainer searches, the Container Search is among the most popular searches that our clients select. The Container approach is made to handle all mid- to high-level positions across all industries. With a minimal retained cost, this will also provide the clients with quick, high-quality findings and a more thorough screening procedure. This is the ideal method for obtaining the top abilities on the market while saving money quickly.

Pre-employment screening service

Because we know that our client’s time is valuable, Silverspace will take care of the time-consuming background checks for you. We provide background checks as part of every contract since we are adamant about giving our customers the greatest experience possible in order to forge enduring relationships. In response to our client’s requests, we provide a wide range of services, including Reference Checks, E-Verify, California Board of License Verification, and Universal Background Screening, Inc.

Immigration Assistance

We have encountered numerous clients who want to sponsor exceptional individuals from all over the globe, so we made the decision to combine Nick’s in-depth knowledge of immigration law with trusted immigration attorneys to provide this special service. We can successfully recruit and carry out the immigration procedure for applicants coming from various nations across the world thanks to our immigration professional teams, all without charging the client. TN Visas from Mexico and Canada, E3 Visas from Australia, and H1B1 Visas from Chile and Singapore are our “Fast Track Visas.”

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