For the past two-plus years, Silverspace Inc is a tech employment firm connecting candidates and clients, facilitating access to job opportunities and the right talent.


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We are dedicated to providing top-notch IT services and building trust with our clients and candidates. Our message suggests a focus on both short-term and long-term success, with a goal of establishing lasting partnerships that benefit everyone involved. Overall, our vision statement highlights our commitment to excellence and our focus on building meaningful relationships. Over the past year, Silverspace Inc has successfully placed over 400 plus candidates in high-paying tech jobs throughout the USA, both immigrant and non-immigrant.  Our goal for this year would be to cater to more than 550 candidates in various tech positions.

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Let SilverSpace Inc be your guide in finding employment opportunities!

As a USA-based company, SilverSpace Inc offers a distinctive staffing service that delivers tailored solutions to align your qualifications, experience, and career aspirations with the best employers in the country. Our expertise lies in connecting mid- to C-level executives from a diverse range of industries with their ideal job opportunities, and we are fully dedicated to supporting talented individuals across all 50 states in achieving their career goals. With a deep understanding of the industry and business culture, we strive to enhance and elevate these environments with each successful placement.

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Staffing Services
We offer IT recruitment services for finance, healthcare, and technology industries, with temp, temp-to-hire, and permanent roles available for both clients and candidates.
We use effective tactics to match job seekers with positions that align with their skills and offer training in various technologies to enhance their abilities.
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We're a little different, and that's by design. We choose quality ahead of quantity; we truly value our communities and relationships with clients and consultants, and we will not be outworked.

Successful Placements

Since SilverSpace began operating, they have successfully placed 435 candidates into jobs, proving their capability in providing employment opportunities for individuals.

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Successful cases last year.

SilverSpace Inc has achieved a 95% placement success rate since the start of its operations.

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Let us be your trusted career advisor and recruitment partner.

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SilverSpace Inc. is a leading job hunting service provider that conducts nationwide searches within the United States to identify suitable candidates for various job roles. With a wealth of experience in U.S. immigration law, the company also extends its search beyond U.S. borders to reach out to talented individuals residing internationally. SilverSpace has the ability to expedite the visa process for qualified candidates from countries such as Mexico, Canada, Australia, Chile, and Singapore, who hold TN, E3, and H1B1 visas. Moreover, what sets SilverSpace apart from other staffing firms is its unique combination of search and immigration services, which enables them to fill even the most challenging positions.

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15+ Countries Worldwide

Emilia Clarke
UX Researcher
"Hey, my name is Sarah, and the SilverSpace Technologies team reached out to me, offered me their services, and I was in the job market at that time looking for my next opportunity. I was assigned a recruiter with whom I worked every day on applying, screening, and interviewing for the prospective position ."
Guzel Abrams
QA Automation
"It's been a great pleasure working with SilverSpace Technologies. ,During my job search as a QA Automation Tester, I got experience working with one of the best recruiters, and I got a lot of interviews from end clients, SilverSpace Team helped me get my desired job in just three weeks. Thank you
Aashi Jain
Hi, my name is Aashi Jain. I have had a good experience working with the SilverSpace Inc. team. Firstly, we spoke about the policies of SilverSpace and all the packages. I was a bit skeptical about it at first because I was not sure. How does Silverspace work? After speaking to the team, I decided to move forward with it. They did really good marketing, and I landed a job in a month. So thank you so much , SilverSpace, for all your help.