For the past two-plus years, Silverspace Inc is a tech employment firm connecting candidates and clients, facilitating access to job opportunities and the right talent.


806 Green Valley Rd Suite 200, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States



What is the cost breakdown?

Each Fee Agreement is unique depending on the level/type of job and the criteria we learn from the customer. As we at Silverspace are aware of the fact that time is money, we work hard to develop the most comprehensive and cost-effective Fee package in order to offer our clients the greatest talent in the business.

Do you offer a diversity program?

In order to build a competitive core company, Silverspace firmly believes in offering diversity to our clients. By developing campaigns that are specifically designed to attract a varied pool of applications, through all job listings, screenings, and promotions through our associations, we make it our aim to successfully supply brilliant employees to our client organizations.

What is the procedure for hiring?

As soon as Silverspace Technologies receives the formal job requirements from our customer, the hiring process gets underway. We strive to send top-notch resumes to our clients for their assessment within 48–72 hours of receiving their order. In addition, we go through a rigorous initial qualification procedure so that we can provide our clients with a quality resume as well as a succinct and comprehensive summary of the candidate's background.

Which sectors do you serve?

Several businesses have successfully used Silverspace for their staffing and immigration needs. In Orange County, California, and numerous other places, we concentrate on Mid-High-level employment in the Executive, Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, IT, and Engineering Industries.

What sets you apart from other competing agencies?

We at Silverspace have made it our aim to treat every customer with the utmost professionalism and make sure that we address their needs since we know that every client is different. All other agencies undertake typical recruitment services at a fixed price. To successfully deliver and meet their urgent hiring needs, we collaborate closely with our clients to develop a personalized plan and establish a fruitful working relationship.

How will your involvement with immigration help us?

To successfully assist our clients with employee sponsorship, Silverspace Technologies has teamed up with the best immigration attorneys (s). We incorporate this option in our recruitment price and offer it at no additional cost to our clients. We put a lot of effort into relieving our clients' worry by providing them with a "One-Stop-Firm" for all of their hiring and immigration requirements.

What happens if I'm not happy with the candidate Silverspace Technologies found for me?

Since this doesn't happen to us often, we fully comprehend that not all opportunity is a perfect fit for every applicant; however, this isn't known until the applicant starts working. As part of every free package we give, our recruiters take the commitment to offer our clients extra eligible resumes to successfully fill the position as soon as possible.

What kinds of background investigations can you offer?

Our staff goes over and beyond to give our customers a range of options at no cost. When a client requests a background check, Silverspace offers third-party background checks through E-Verify and relies mostly on Universal Background Screening.