For the past two-plus years, Silverspace Inc is a tech employment firm connecting candidates and clients, facilitating access to job opportunities and the right talent.


806 Green Valley Rd Suite 200, Greensboro, NC 27408, United States


At Silverspace Inc., our commitment to your career growth is as strong as our passion for innovation.

  • With the aim of creating the optimal job description to find the “correct” personnel quickly, Silverspace Technologies has thorough consultations with our clientele, gathering their criteria and cultural demands as well as our employment market research.
  • In order to create a unique recruitment strategy, Silverspace Technologies’ specialized recruiters additionally supply statistics on the latest market demands. This enables us to choose only the most eligible applicants from our talent pool.
  • The skill pools available at Silverspace Technologies span several levels and sectors. This makes it easier for our full-service recruiters to identify, target, and apply their recruitment strategies to the market’s most qualified individuals.
  • The recruiters at Silverspace Technologies aim to present at least three possible quality prospects within the first 48–72 hours after being trusted with our client’s open criteria in order to get our clients’ helpful input. Corporate clients can update and modify their job descriptions during this essential step in order to suit their specific requirements.
  • Our recruitment staff sets out to find top candidates via Silverspace Technologies’ meticulous screening and interview process after they are in tune with client needs and expectations.
  • Prior to introducing them to our clientele, Silverspace Technologies recruiters thoroughly screen every qualified applicant since we firmly believe that knowledge is power in the hiring process. We offer CVs, resumes, and any other information we think would help our client better qualify a candidate.
  • Part B of the interview procedure begins when the client has chosen its top candidates, and our team of specialized and niche recruiters makes sure to expertly schedule applicants for questions, prepare them appropriately, and ensure they will show up to their scheduled appointment.
  • Following the conclusion of the interviews, our recruiting team gets back in contact with the company and the applicants to continue the recruiting process until the post is successfully filled. We oversee the whole procedure because we are aware that our assistance will help our clients avoid any potential hassles. The clients can thus concentrate on their business and the crucial elements of the hiring process.
  • Silverspace Technologies also provides free background check packages to clients upon request. Reference Checks, E-Verify, California Board of License Verification, and Universal Background Screening are the background checks that our clients can choose from. We provide this service knowing that in order to identify the best fit for their business, our clients need to have a thorough image of any possible hires.
  • We go a step further and provide our clients that are interested in endorsing an international candidate with our immigration package free of charge in addition to our free character screening package.

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